Keeping your Whites, White! Is achieved through the following enzymes:



Celluclean is a unique laundry detergent enzyme that whitens and brightens, and is the first detergent beta-glucanase that effectively degrades beta-glucans and prevents fabric graying.

  • Provides strong whiteness and anti-graying effects
  • Preserves brightness in colored and contrasts in striped clothes
  • Offers unique beta-glucan stain removal properties
  • Cleaves off damaged cellulose microfibrils to release captured dirt particles, thus preventing soil deposition and fabric graying
Consumer Claim
Whiteness, Stain removal


Stainzyme is the high perfomance stain fighter

  • Effectively degrades a wide range of commercial food products and is the most powerful on starch based stains(rice, grain, potato,etc)
  • Easily removes stains at low wash temperatures and in short wash cycles
Consumer Claim
Stain removal, anti-redeposition and whiteness

Due to our success in the Brewing Industry Novozymes has improved our portfolio by increasing our product range to service the Malting Industry

Starch Processing Industry, Laundry Industry, Dishwashing Industry and Professional Cleaning Industry.