Stain Removal Enzymes

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Stain-removing enzymes effectively remove difficult and stubborn stains to make clothes really clean.

Detergent enzymes are designed to penetrate fabric layers and remove a variety of stains. Enzymes degrade stains into smaller, more water-soluble parts that can be removed more easily during washing. If stains remain on clothes, the residues of these stains may act as a kind of glue and attract soil particles in the wash water, resulting in fabric graying and dirty clothes.

There are a variety of stain removal enzymes: protease for protein stains removal; amylase for starch stain removal; lipase for grease removal; mannanase for mannan-based stain removal; and pectin-degrading enzyme for pectin-based stain removal.

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Benefits Of Stain Removal Enzymes

• Enhanced wash performance of detergents by effectively breaking down specific stain components

• Remove common stubborn stains such as meat, pasta, milk, chocolate, grass, lipstick, blood, and sweat, to name just a few

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