Complex Stain Removal


Mannaway is the proven enzymatic solution for removal of
mannan-based stains and for superior anti-redeposition effect in detergents.


  • Degrades hard to remove mannan stains
  • Prevents soil redeposition and fabric graying
  • Offers exceptional cleaning performance and in depth cleaning
  • Adds new power to your detergent brand

Consumer Claim

Stain removal, antiredeposition, whiteness


XPect is a pectin-degrading enzyme that enhances the removal of complex fruit and pectin based stains that are normally hard to remove with current laundry detergents.


  • Provides unique stain removal benefits on a wide range of pectin-based stains
  • Enables the same or better perfomance at low wash temperatues compared to regular wash temperatures on a variety of fruit and pectin based stains
  • Removes fruit and pectin based stains rather than masking them as bleaching agents do

Consumer Claim

Fruit and vegetable stain removal

Due to our success in the Brewing Industry Novozymes has improved our portfolio by increasing our product range to service the Malting Industry

Starch Processing Industry, Laundry Industry, Dishwashing Industry and Professional Cleaning Industry.