Colour and fabric Care

Enzymes enable detergent manufactures to offer colour and fabric care claims and produce detergents that reduce visible wear of fabrics, keeping garments looking new. Many clothes are discarded because they no longer look nice or the colours have faded or fuzz and pills have appeared. The following enzymes improve the appearance of fabrics and prolonging their lifetime.



Carezyme is a unique laundry detergent enzyme that effectively removes fuzz and pills from cotton fabrics.


  • Restores and maintains the original appearance of the fabric as well as the original color and softness.
  • Prevents black clothes from turning grey
  • Maintains colours and colour contrast in coloured clothes.

Due to our success in the Brewing Industry Novozymes has improved our portfolio by increasing our product range to service the Malting Industry

Starch Processing Industry, Laundry Industry, Dishwashing Industry and Professional Cleaning Industry.