Attenuzyme is a high-performing, glucoamylase with an acidic alpha-amylase enzyme that enables brewers to produce highly-attenuated beers in a more simple and fast way.


In clear beer brewing, the recommended usage is to add Attenuzyme at the beginning of the main mash. The amount of enzyme used will depend on the desired degree of attenuation, the mashing time, and the temperature. Attenuzyme will be inactivated during wort boiling.

In traditional(opaque)beer brewing, Attenuzyme is added in a fermentation tank which is later cooled before the yeast pitching.

Due to our success in the Brewing Industry Novozymes has improved our portfolio by increasing our product range to service the Malting Industry

Starch Processing Industry, Laundry Industry, Dishwashing Industry and Professional Cleaning Industry.